new gear in-stock, last updated:
addac system: addac200pi and addac402
audio damage: adm15 (spectre)
bastl instruments: cv trinity expander, knit rider expander, solenoid expander, spa and wackel kontakt
black cat: monster k-fuzz
black market modular: monomult and patch cables
circuit abbey: logic modules
dave smith instruments: prophet-6
derp modular: derp block and derp mix block
dr. scientist: the heisenberg
entrospec: iungo
epoch modular: twinpeak
folktek: matter
frap tools: uno
future retro: orb
happy nerding: adsr and mmm vcf
intellijel designs: dixie ii+, polaris and μmidi
kilpatrick audio: phenol
koma elektronik: komplex sequencer
make noise: system cartesian and tempi
microbe modular: meta sequencer
moog music: system 35
mutable instruments: rings and warps
neutron sound: orgone accumulator
pittsburgh modular: generatorx
qu-bit electroncis: octone
roger linn design: linnstrument
roland: jp-08, ju-06 and jx-03
sound machines: ns1
sputnik modular: multi-touch keyboard controller
studio electronics: grainy clamp-it
teenage engineering: po-10
the harvestman: black locust
trouby modular: jack 5 and nasty lfo
xaoc devices: sewastopol
zlob modular: attenumixer, clk dv, t.h. eq and t.h. svf

coming soon:
black market modular: colour palette
cg products: delay 1022 version 2, pcv1, pcv2, pcv3, x and xr22 vco version 2
dave smith instruments: ob-6
macbeth studio systems: elements synthesizer
olegtron: confusor
teenage engineering: po-12, po-14 and po-16
snazzy fx: divine hammer
spaceman effects: orion

our featured module:

Featured Module: Shakmat Modular Bishop's Miscellany
shakmat modular bishop's miscellany

instant riff maker, that's how a beta tester described this module and we think it's pretty fair. basically, the bishop miscellany is a dual stepped cv / gate recorder. it means it records two cvs and two gates on steps a bit like an analog shift register but with a lot more

normal price : $249.00
featured price : $219.00


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