new gear in-stock, last updated:
addac system: muscle sensing
ajh synth: minimod transistor ladder filter and midimod vintage transistor core vco
alm busy circuits: dinky's taiko, o/a/x2, pip slope and tangle quartet
animodule: gate_mod
audio damage: adm09 (odio)
befaco: sallen-key filter
buranelectrix: dredrum (eurorack)
ciat-lonbarde: dearcocodeer and tetrax organ
circuit abbey: gozouta
dave smith instruments: dsm02: character
eowave: fluctuations magnétiques
eventide: mixing link
flame: 4vox
future retro: orb mutant machine
ieaskul f. mobenthey: denum, fourses, sprott and swoop
korg: arp odyssey and ms-20m kit + sq-1
macro machines: dynamic destiny
mannequins by whimsical raps: cold mac, mangrove and three sisters
meng qi music: dplpg and voltage memory
microbe modular: equation composer
monome: earthsea, meadowphysics and switch
moog music: werkstatt-ø1 cable set and cv expander
nw2s: :io
pittsburgh modular: switch
plankton electronics: the earwig (assembled) and the jellyfish v2 (assembled)
qu-bit electronix: nano rand
sound machines: bli: brainterface (eurorack) and dc1: drumcomputer
spaceman effects: voyager 1
synovatron: 5asm2db
tiptop audio: various artists 001
tom oberheim: two voice pro
trogotronic: 679/gran fury minisynth and m/277 v4
verbos electronics: composition sysyem
waldorf: streichfett string synthesizer
wmd/ssf: monolith

coming soon: furtherrrr generator
cg products: delay 1022 version 2, pcv1, pcv2, pcv3, x and xr22 vco version 2 mutant hot glue
macbeth studio systems: elements synthesizer
make noise: shared system (black and gold)
mfb: dominion1
mutable instruments: clouds
touellskouarn: kala goañv
trogotronic: m/11 (diy kit)

our featured module:

Featured Module: Sputnik Modular West Cost Random Source
sputnik modular west cost random source

based on the famous source of uncertainty module, the west coast random source features fluctuating random voltages, quantized random voltages, stored random voltages, various noise sources, sample & hold and a voltage integrator. this crafty module is capable of adding a little bit of unpredictability to an otherwise repetitive system! click here for more info.

normal price : $299.00
featured price : $266.00


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