new gear in-stock, last updated:
4ms pedals: cases and accessories and spectral multiband resonator
addac system: muscle sensing
ajh synth: minimod transistor ladder filter and midimod vintage transistor core vco
alm busy circuits: akemie's castle
animodule: line_amp
arturia: beatstep pro
audio damage: dimensions and kompressor
circuit abbey: gozouta
dave smith instruments: prophet-6
doepfer: a110-4, a127 (breakout), a139-2, a160-2 and a160-5
eowave: poles
evaton technologies: clx
expert sleepers: fh-1 and usamo
frap tools: uno
future retro: orb
hikari instruments: sine
make noise: telharmonic
manhattan analog: discrete svvcf
manikin electronic: memotron m2d
mannequins by whimsical raps: cold mac, mangrove and three sisters
microbe modular: meta sequencer
modal electronics: 008
mutable instruments: cable bag
noise engineering: loquelic iteritas and tonnetz sequent
pittsburgh modular: verbtronic
pro modular: miiiix, miiiix commander, miiiix insert and miiiix master
qu-bit electronix: eon
roland: bitzrazer, demora, mx-1, sbx-1, scooper, system-1m and torcido
shakmat modular: bishop's miscellany
sputnik modular: 5-step voltage source and dual oscillator
the harvestman: black locust
tom oberheim: two voice pro
transistor sounds labs: stepper acid
verbos electronics: composition system
vermona: vintage spring reverb 3.2
wmd/ssf: dplr and mmf
xaoc devices: batumi, poti and sewastopol

coming soon:
abstract data: ade-32 (octocontroller)
alm busy circuits: sid guts deluxe furtherrrr generator
cg products: delay 1022 version 2, pcv1, pcv2, pcv3, x and xr22 vco version 2
circuit abbey: ccbo and logic modules
entrospec: lungo
koma elektronik: komplex sequencer
macbeth studio systems: elements synthesizer
mfb: dominion1
moog music: mother-32
subconscious communications: model 53: voice tail
touellskouarn: kala goa˝v
trouby modular: jack 5 and nasty lfo

our featured module:

Featured Module: Meng Qi Music Voltage Memory
meng qi music voltage memory

the meng qi voltage memory is exactly that, a voltage memorizer! add a tactile control surface, step sequencer, arpeggiator and recorder/looper and you have possibly the most powerful macro controller in eurorack. great for managing patches and jamming on the fly.

normal price : $350.00
featured price : $299.00


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