sunday, november 23, 2014

we have started an instagram page where we post photos of the newest arrivals as well as short videos of sounds heard bouncing around the shop. follow us to stay updated with what's happening around here.

as we get deeper into the holiday season things are becoming quite busy. as a result we're now hiring. at the moment we're looking for a packer/packing room manager. previous packing experience mandatory for this position and you must live in the greater los angeles area. please email your resume, if interested.

new gear in-stock, last updated:
4ms pedals: row power and shifting inverting signal mingler
acidlab: 8cb, 8cyhh, 8hc, 8lmht, 8rs and mx
addac system: addac301, addac301b, addac301c and addac703
aion modular: 904a
alm busy circuits: boss bow tie
analogue solutions: telemark multimode filter (eurorack)
audio damage: adm06: sequencer 1 and adm07: mad hatter
blue lantern: asteroid mini synthesizer
buranelectrix: lunchbeat (assembled)
circuit abbey: 2x8 multiple kit and euro-duino
critter & guitari: bolsa bass, iio, kaleidoloop, melody mill, pocket piano, rhythm scope and video scope
dark modular: portable208 (purple and stealth black tolex)
dr. scientist: bitquest!
elite modular: elite 208 portable rugged
eowave: orage and rayonnement
erfindungsbüro rest & maier: midiclock+
evaton technologies: rf nomad & rf nomad long antenna
eventide: mixing link
grayscale: algorhythm, alternate panels, binary and synapse
hackme electronics: vectr
itijik: toggle
lzx industries: visual cortex
make noise: wogglebug 2014
medic modules: cranial saw
metasonix: rk1 noisedrum, r-57 dual vca preamp and rkp power system
microbe modular: equation composer
monome: earthsea and meadowphysics
pittsburgh modular: analog replicator
rebel technology: bit reactor
spaceman effects: aphelion
special stage systems: control core and world core
stg soundlabs: .div
synthetic sound labs: segwencer
synthrotek: dirt
the harvestman: kermit
thonk: bugbrand workshopcrusher complete kit and spring reverb kit
trouby modular: trigger sequencer
verbos electronics: composition system

coming soon:
buranelectrix: dredrum (eurorack) furtherrrr generator
macbeth studio systems: elements synthesizer
modulus music: modulus.002
moog: sub37
synthesis technology: e102 quad temporal shifter

this week's featured module:

Featured Module: the harvestman piston honda mk ii
the harvestman piston honda mk ii

the heavyweight champion wavetable oscillator returns. 4,096 waveforms are arranged in a 3-dimensional cube, with voltage control over all three axis positions, smoothly morphing. the morph can optionally be disabled per axis, or have its resolution adjusted. a waveshaping unit can simultaneously process external audio through the currently selected wavetable while the internal oscillator runs, with voltage-controlled gain. the wavetable selection is controlled by three smoothly traveling illuminated sliders with a numerical display indicating your current location in the "cube". click here for more info.

normal price : $495.00
featured price : $425.00


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